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The Turkey Ark

 I wanted to show you the shelter my amazing husband built for the turkeys.

He mostly used materials he had on hand, because we’re really tired of spending more on animal housing than we do on maintaining our own, so “cheap” was the operative word. He screened the sides with 1″ poultry wire, built roosts for the turkeys, put in two doors – one for the turkeys to get in and out and one for us to access their food and water. It’s gorgeous! When he finished building it, we thought it looked ark-like, hence the name – the Turkey Ark.  We The Builder and the middles dragged it out to the field, came back for the turkeys and put them in their new home, safe and secure. That was Saturday.

Perhaps we should have called it the Turkey Titanic. Because sometime between Monday night and Tuesday morning a weasel found our Ark. Unfortunately, the weasel also found our turkeys. When I went to check on them Tuesday morning we were down by two. So The Builder stopped by the hardware store for reinforcements. (So much for keeping it cheap!) He picked up hardware cloth to reinforce the sides and the bottom of the Ark and ended up spending the whole evening working on it with Josh’s assistance. He basically ended up re-framing the whole thing, placing the hardware cloth (which is supposed to be weasel proof) over top of the poultry wire, then lifting the whole thing and covering the bottom as well. The hardware cloth wasn’t large enough to reach all the way around the bottom, so he overlapped it and anchored it in place with some pretty large rocks until he can “stitch” the opening closed. 

I think the remodel was successful, because this morning all 9 turkeys were still there, alive and well. While I did some work in the garden I let them out to free-range. They were hesitant at first (do you blame them?), but they seemed to enjoy the freedom.


Weekend Warriors

Thank God it’s Monday! No really. I mean it. I needed a down day. We had such a busy weekend! We:

  • fed children
  • fed babies
  • fed baby goats
  • baked 2 coffee cakes
  • washed the laundry
  • changed diapers
  • vacuumed floors
  • hung 2 windows in our shed
  • framed out the 2 new windows
  • cut down trees
  • took hubby to emergency room for using chainsaw on his leg (long story, he’s fine, small cut, one big running stitch)
  • went to a Geoff Moore concert after hubby returned from E.R.
  • built dividers in shed for the goats
  • built a gate for inside the shed for goats
  • built a holder for salt/vitamin/mineral block
  • cleared brush
  • installed 20 T posts for fencing
  • installed 200 feet of fencing

So, it was a great productive weekend. The goats now have semi-permanent housing, and mostly secure fencing. Today was a down day. I stripped wallpaper in the upstairs bathroom. Yep. It’s what I do to relax.

Adding on

We welcomed two new additions to our home this week. These little beauties are sisters and are a Nubian/Toggenburg mix.  Nubian goats are the ones with the adorable long floppy ears. Toggenburg goats have more erect ears. Since these are a mix, their ears are really long, but they stick almost straight out. Kind of like an airplane’s wings.
They’ll grow into full sized goats, and hopefully next year they’ll give us baby goats and lots of milk. We don’t have names for them yet. For now they’re sleeping in a pen in the garage (for safety), but during the day we let them out into a fenced in area put up just for them. They don’t like to be left outside alone though, so my middles have been spending lots of time out there with them.