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Our family was driving home from the Middles’s karate class and my husband and I were talking about the day’s events. I told him about an article I read discussing health, weight, and waist measurements. Which led to talking about cholesterol. Which led to talking about medication. Which led to talking about doctors. And I had a revelation. Are you ready?

  • Doctors of medicine (M.D.) prescribe medications. That’s the result of their years of education: to diagnose illnesses and write prescriptions (some more than others) for whatever ails you.
  • Medicine is used to treat or remove a symptom. Medicine cannot make a sick person healthy, it can only remove the symptoms of the illness. And sometimes that’s okay. But,
  • Medicine will never make you healthy. I can’t think of a single instance where a medicine can create health. Food can make you healthy. But never medicine.

  • And that’s my revelation. I never thought about it quite that way before.

    I’m not in any way trying to minimize what doctors do. Without them, my granddaughter would not be here, and she relies on daily doses of medicine to keep her body from rejecting her heart. One of my daughters has severe asthma. There have been too many instances that, without medical treatment, she might not have survived. What I realized tonight though, is that no medicine is going to remove my daughter’s asthma or my granddaughter’s body trying to reject a heart she wasn’t born with. In the same way, no medicine is going to make you healthy if you eat hamburgers and french fries regularly. The only path we have to reach and maintain health is through… wait for it…

    diet and exercise.

    So I’m on a new mission to feed my family much more nutritious meals. (Yes, I’m still on a mission to get rid of all the excess Stuff in our house. Two missions. At the same time. It’s what I do.) Seven people. Seven different sets of taste buds. Won’t this be interesting.