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Saving Money: Ground Beef

We go through quite a bit of ground beef here at our cottage so it’s something I buy on a regular basis when it’s on sale, but I recently needed some and we were all out. Ideally, I’d love to buy grass fed beef on a regular basis, but I can buy it cheaper if we get a quarter or half from a local farm and I just haven’t done it for a while. It’s on my list of things to do before the baby’s born. (Yes, it’s a very long list.)

So, here I am, needing ground beef, and not having any in the freezer which means I was at the mercy of whatever price the grocery store was charging. (Yes, I could have changed my menu, but that would ruin the story.)  The ground beef was $3.49 a pound for 85% ground beef. OUCH! I needed 10 pounds. I certainly didn’t want to spend $35 just for the meat! But wait! There is a better way. Walk over to the beef section of the store and price the boneless chuck roasts. The day I was at the store, they were $2.99 a pound. So we took 10 pounds of chuck roasts over to the butcher’s counter and asked him to grind it for us. We saved $5.00. Not bad. But we could do better. Boneless chuck roasts go on sale pretty frequently (about once a month or so) and the sale price is about $1.99 a pound. So if we plan our purchases around the sales, we can save a whole lot more.  I’m pretty sure all stores will offer this service, as long as they have an in store butcher, so it’s worth it to ask. And the best part is that it’s free. And we get to see what’s REALLY going into our ground beef.


Eating Better for Less

I’m a numbers kind of person. I love them. When I’m doing something that keeps my body busy, but not my mind, I often run numbers through my head. I figure out how much it costs in gas to go to the grocery store, how many gallons of oil give as much heat as a cord of wood (still working on that one), I do my budget in my head, then figure out how much I spend annually on certain things (a fantastic eye-opening exercise by the way). 

A huge amount of my figurin’ time is spent on budget related items. I’m always trying to figure out how much I’m spending and how to spend less and the largest flexible area of our budget is for food.  So when I came across this post, I was definitely interested. The thought that I could spend less money for nourishing food is huge. The thought of spending less money for nourishing food that I could spend less time cooking? Oh, I can’t even put it into words! Ok, so maybe my family won’t go for eating kale, oats and milk every day, but it is definitely food for thought. (Sorry, had to do it.)