Once upon a time there was a little girl who dreamed of far away lands, castles, cottages, knights, secret gardens, beautiful long dresses, and talking animals. The little girl grew up and married Prince Charming, and they moved to a far away land and filled their humble little cottage with lots of princes and princesses. Seven of them. The oldest, Princess Kate, married a Prince Charming of her own. Sadly, they moved to a far away land and don’t visit often, but they are happily busy raising their own little princess, Aliyah. Prince Josh grew up and moved away to a magical land filled with palm trees, sun and warm weather.

The other five still live in the cottage – Prince Zach (14), Princess Maddie (12), Princess Emma (5), Princess Sophie (4), and Prince Silas (2). All of them are cottage-schooled to keep them from the clutches of an evil Wizard, and because they all really prefer to be at home learning life together. Prince Charming spends his days slaying fire breathing dragons. The little-girl-who-grew-up still dreams of secret gardens and beautiful long dresses and spends her days trying to fill their cottage with beauty and joy.


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