Maddie’s Room Redo


Maddie moved into her own room about 2 years ago. Up until then she and Zach shared a bedroom. But then Josh left for school so Zach took his room. And Emma and Sophie needed to move out of our bedroom because Silas was just born and we didn’t really have room for five in our bedroom. So Emma and Sophie took Zach and Maddie’s old bedroom and Maddie moved into the study. Did you follow all that?


Well, Maddie has been living with the wallpaper border that was put up by the previous owners, a mix of furniture, and a too-big-desk ever since.  We realized it was about time for Maddie’s bedroom to become her own. So the desk was listed on Craigslist and it finally sold, so the makeover could begin.  


We’re still working on it, but the fresh yellow paint and the curtain is done. I painted a headboard we picked up at a thrift shop. There’s more to come, like finishing her quilt that’s over 2 years in the making, and a couple of other touches. But it’s coming along nicely. And these are the happiest curtains I’ve ever made. 


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