First Frost

Is it really possible that we didn’t have a hard frost until now? This October has been so wonderfully mild, allowing us time to get many, but not all of our outside projects done before cold weather set in.  But now this frost is a sure sign that winter is on its way.IMG_3792

I switched out the Littles’ summer clothes for winter just this past weekend. Just in time I think, but there are a few gaps in their wardrobe that needs to be filled. Which of course leaves me dreaming of patterns and fabrics and wishing for more sewing time but knowing that realistically I’ll probably have to just go shopping for it.IMG_3791

The woodstove has been brought into full use, no longer just for evening fires, we’re keeping it burning even during the afternoons as well. So the all day tending and evening banking is an added beat to our daily rhythm.IMG_3789The water for the goats was frozen over. And the hose that we use to fill their buckets is no longer functional with these very chilly temperatures, so morning and afternoon chores now require a trip back to the house to fill the water buckets.IMG_3782IMG_3787The woodbox has reappeared from summertime cellar storage to be filled from outside every day.  A chore that the little girls always want to try to help with, but because of their little arms is more often assigned to one or both Middles, Mama or Papa. Taking turns does seem to make it less of a chore, and the little ones contribute by carrying a log or two inside to add to the woodbox. How they love to help!IMG_3785Christmas wish lists are being made and some secret gift making has begun, and a daily update of the Christmas countdown is brought to me by Zach (56 days in case you were wondering). Requests for Christmas lights in bedrooms have been made, so another trip to cellar storage needs to be made soon.IMG_3783

IMG_3786We’re enjoying these last few days of evening light, knowing that the coming time change will mean that Papa drives home from work in the dark, the goats need to be tucked into bed that much sooner, and the very precious light will need to be taken advantage of by earlier rising. Oh, I so don’t look forward to earlier rising!


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