They’re Baaaa-ck

Several weeks ago we welcomed back home some of our old friends. They had been staying with some friends of ours for a while. At the time, we needed to scale back a little and our friends wanted to explore the world of farm animals a little. It was the perfect solution, so we sent our goats to live with them for a while.

IMG_3668-3Well, seasons change, and our friends now need to scale back a little, and we have a little bit more time (not much, just a bit) to take care of our girls again.  So Kava, Mylan and Paprika have returned home.  Kava and Mylan are oberhasli goats and Paprika is a nigerian dwarf.IMG_3666-2I don’t think we’re going to breed them this year. As much as I’d like to see baby goats in the spring, and have fresh goat milk, I’m not ready for the time commitment right now, and I don’t want to lock myself into it come spring. And then there’s the added housing that would be needed for three goat mamas and babies.

IMG_3561-1I had forgotten how much I enjoy looking outside and seeing them grazing. Doing their job of keeping the forest from the field.

IMG_3688-4And every day at supper time when I look out my kitchen door, they’re waiting for us to come out and give them their own supper and put them to bed. We start the day with them, and end the day with them.  It’s a comforting rhythm.


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