How Much Wood?

We’ve been running a bit behind schedule this past season or so. Preparing for winter is one of those things that absolutely must be done. We can, of course, survive without firewood. But, oh, how expensive oil heat is! So the wood needs to be brought in.

IMG_3636I was, I admit, a bit concerned that we didn’t have any firewood prepared at this very late date, but my husband reassured me that he’d be able to get it done in time. The trees were already down and were just waiting for him to have the time to cut them into length.

I can’t tell you what a welcome sight this was for me. Our Maine winters can be very cold and very long. A well stocked wood shed is as much comfort as a well stocked pantry.  He was going to try to get some more cut into stove length, but an ill-timed run in between chainsaw and rock ended that pretty quickly. No worries. I think we’ll have enough.


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