Traditions in Play

One of the benefits of having a large family is the passing down of playthings. We haven’t kept a lot of the toys that the Olders played with when they were little, but we do have some of the favorites. One of them is the dollhouse. IMG_3375This dollhouse is on child #5 and #6, sometimes even #7 joins in the fun. We’ve had this for … 20+ years. And it’s still a favorite. I do love when the Littles play nearby so I can overhear their play. Just after I snapped the photo above, they had the table all set with all the “family” gathered around, and Emma had the Papa lead them in prayer.

IMG_3385 IMG_3386The Middles, Zach and Maddie, have quite a collection of Webkinz (oh, how I dreaded when another was introduced back during the Webkinz frenzy). See how sweet they look driving along in the school bus and the tractor?  Don’t be fooled. Since moving into our cottage here, they have a tradition of launching, yes, launching, the toy-stuffed vehicles down the hill in the back.

IMG_3390One… Two… Three… GO!

IMG_3391IMG_3392I’m not sure what the goal of this game might be. I don’t even think there is a goal. But the laughter and shouts of victory are enough to keep them playing, and this Mama smiling, for hours.


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