Capture the Summer

This summer has been flying by and we haven’t even gotten to the beach once yet. I know that this week would be perfect to go since it is so very hot here, but it seems almost too hot to sit out in the sun. (Hot is a relative term. It’s been hitting 90 degrees every day. Here in Maine, we call that HOT. Down in Texas, it was a cooler summer day.)   I think I need to just plan a day and go.

Even though we haven’t made it to a day of ocean side swimming, we have been doing a bit of summer seizing. Yesterday we met a lot of friends at the park for a game of capture the flag.Image

The waterfront was hot and still without the characteristic breeze to blow any relief until the sun began to set and the shadows grew long enough to cover the field.  The kids played several rounds of the game, with a few moments of rest in between and during the game. Image

After a while a band joined the scene at the waterfront for what looked to be a video shoot. Once the cameraman got all the shots he needed, the band had a little fun playing around. And we had a little fun listening.  ImageOne of the band members had a beautiful old Saint Bernard named Hugo. Silas followed him everywhere, and finally had a chance to sit and pet the “puppy”.  Image

Capture the flag gave us a chance to capture a bit of the summer.  Next stop – the beach!


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