Rain Means Watercolors

IMG_2220-6This very wet weather we’ve been having lately has been keeping us inside more often than we like this time of year, so the Art cabinet has been getting a lot of use.IMG_2217-4And what better thing to do when it’s pouring outside than to put water to good use inside? From learning how to hold a brushIMG_2218-5to the proper water/paint/paper sequence (and not water/paint/water/paper that was tried so many times with frustration as to why the paint was not working)
to exploring all the shades of PINK IMG_2213-1 to creating the picture imagined just so. IMG_2216-3
And then all the artwork was gathered together to take to the nearby hospital to hang in the room of Great-Grandfather who is also Great-Great-Grandfather and is recuperating from illnesses that brought him to what he thought would be his end, but joyfully is not. And now he has some sunshine in his room from the family who loves him so dearly, thanks to the rain that made us watercolor.IMG_2215-2


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