Goings On


It isn’t for lack of things to post about that have kept me from posting. It’s the deluge of things going on that keep me away.

  • Birthdays! Our youngest Middle turned 12! Twelve! How blessed we have been to have her with us these 12 years. There are few who know this quiet girl well, but those who do are so fortunate indeed. Quiet, funny, hard working, dreamer, planner, always thinking of others. We’re so glad we’re the ones who get to be her parents!Image
  • Another Birthday! My grandfather’s 94th! Yes, 94 years old. Oh, the things he has seen. The things he can teach us. There isn’t enough time to learn. He still has such a great sense of humor. He hasn’t been feeling very well lately, but we’re hopeful the doctors can figure out what’s causing the problems he’s having and find a solution.Image
  • Our anniversary! Usually our anniversary gets lost in the shuffle of the busy-ness of the days. But this year we had a chance to spend the afternoon together. Thrifting, treasure hunting, bookstore visiting, home depot (because that’s what we do), and dinner together (Oh. My. Can I just tell you how much of a treat it was to eat with him without having to share my food with a little one or get up three times to fetch more water, more napkins, or take one or more to the rest room? Bliss I tell you!)
  • A week at day camp for the Middles, which required (it didn’t, but they really wanted it and this Mama was happy to oblige) costumes made just for them for Native American week.
  • Furniture finding and painting to sell. This seems to take more and more time that I just can’t seem to find at the end of the day. Perhaps it’s time to shuffle a few things around to find the time.
  • Music lessons and recitals. Yes, even our Oldest Middle who was so very reluctant to take lessons played in front of Other People. And, like most other things he does, he played his piece perfectly.
  • Remodeling. Well, outside remodeling. We’re working on a new kitchen porch. We. As in my husband. Every now and then I hand him a board. Or a screw. I did help a lot with the prep work. That counts, right?Image
  • Appendectomy. Our oldest daughter who is living on the other side of the country went to the emergency room the other night thinking she had an ulcer. Turns out she was wrong. She had appendicitis. It wasn’t an extreme, urgent, we-have-to-remove-this-now situation, but it was a so-we’re-admitting-you-and-you’ll-have-it-removed-sometime-before-the-end-of-the-day situation. And our son-in-law is deployed. And our granddaughter needs meds every day twice a day at the exact same time with very specific doses. So this mama’s heart was really wishing I could jump on a plane and be right there to take care of everything. But I couldn’t. So God did (of course, He did). Everything turned out well, and she’s coming home next week. So I still get to take care of everything, just a week later than I wanted.



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