Let’s just call this the craziest winter in Maine I’ve ever seen. Last week, temperatures were below zero and the windchill was even colder. I think I remember hearing someone say that exposed skin could freeze within 20 minutes. Yep. It was that cold.

Fast forward one week. We had sunny and warmer (yes, 28 degrees is definitely warmer), and then rainy and windy and even warmer. My goodness, it was 55 degrees out yesterday! We had to open the windows because it was too hot inside. I think I checked the calendar at least a dozen times. Yep. Still January.
But really, looking outside, today, the first day of February, is just, well, strange. Our temperature has cooled to a much more seasonal temperature, but there isn’t any snow in the yard. And the grass is green. And the sky is blue. Shouldn’t I be outside planting something or pruning something or cleaning out a bed? I think some serious garden planning needs to be done. And maybe I’ll try planting something in the sunny window soon, just because.

But for now, I still have a sick Little one. He’s mending, but not as quickly as I’d like. So I’m spending a lot of time sitting and holding him and looking outside, dreaming of the garden season to come, which now seems not as far away as it did only a week ago. The days are noticeably longer, and the shadows are changing a bit. Soon these winter colds will be nothing but a distant memory and the beds we cleared last year will, I hope, be full of plants and berries. And maybe a tree or two.

Welcome, February. So glad you are here.


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