Taking Turns, Two Down

Poor little Silas was up most of the night. Between the low grade fever and the stuffy nose, he was pretty miserable. I tried to nurse him through his fitful almost-but-not-quite-awake cranky moments throughout the night, but the stuffy nose interfered with even this most basic Mama and baby time. In the wee hours of the morning, Papa took over, walking him across the floor, keeping him upright, until he was able to breathe, and sleep, again (and giving me a brief respite and nap). And then it was my turn again and my nursling and I spent the rest of the night sitting up on the sofa, as sitting up was the only way Silas was able to keep the stuffy nose (mostly) at bay and breathe. And just as I started to doze off, Emma had a bad dream, the results of which woke Sophie. Both of them were quite happy to spend the rest of the night close to me on the sofa.

With such a restless night, I expected the worst from the day. But the brightly shining sun beckoned. Image

Jackets were quickly put on and we spent some wonderful time outside in the warm sun. Image

(Warm is, of course, a relative term. I checked the temperature later and found that it was only 28 degrees. But warm compared to our sub-zero and single digit temperatures last week, yes?)

Sandbox time, follow the leader, tag, exploring, drinking much needed coffee.ImageImage



Exactly what we needed.


And a good thing we spent time in the sun while we could. Later afternoon brought an unusual nap for Emma and the development of a not so little fever. She slept off and on most of the afternoon and evening.

Mid-supper, Silas returned to his favorite spot to rest, in Mama’s arms, and promptly fell asleep. Two down. Hoping and praying it stops there.Image


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