Keeping warm

In the middle of a bit of a cold spell (it was -8 when I checked this morning), we’ve been working at keeping warm. For me, that means keeping the wood stove filled and burning hot, providing hot meals and making lots of tea for all. For the children, it means keeping the woodbox full (a daily chore for the Middles) and maybe wearing a hat during school time. The Littles spend a lot of time playing in the living room and sitting under blankets.

The Littlest Little is contributing in his own way. He’s working hard at keeping us moving. How you ask? Well, this is how he spends his time lately.ImageYes, that’s a dresser he’s climbing on.

ImageAnd of course, once you’re on, you need to get off, so to the edge he scoots, knowing that someone’s hands will catch him before he falls off. (We always caught him.)

Oh, but climbing on the dresser gets so boring once it’s been conquered. So he found higher mountains to climb.

ImageOh, don’t be fooled. Yes, a sofa is pretty safe. Close to the ground. Soft. But the seat was not the summit he was aiming for.  Oh, this little one had much more in mind.

ImageThe top of the sofa back offers, of course, the best view. Why, from here, a little one can see so much more. ImageSo proud of himself, and with a giggle as one of us raced to the his side knowing fully the next step he’d take (oh yes, we’ve done this before), the boy did the only thing you can do when you’ve reached the top.  Jump. 

ImageAnd once he was safely on the floor again, he laughs, turns around and does it again. Oh, yes, he certainly did his part to make sure we kept moving to stay warm.  I am a little worried about what will happen when he realizes we have a balcony overlooking the living room.


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