There are moments when everything becomes crystal clear. Moments when all the clutter falls away.


Moments when little sisters play perfectly together, making forts in the living room.
When a jewelry making Middle finds the perfect beads to make her latest creation.
When a Middle boy sits in the kitchen practicing his cello, which he reluctantly started playing just a few short months ago, but enthusiastically and passionately continues.
When the youngest Little walks through singing a song only he can understand.
When a new video is posted from the school our oldest son attends.
When my husband embraces me in a sweet and tender hug while we watch a recording of our son playing live in a concert we were able to watch in person miles away and months ago.
When our oldest calls because our grand baby wants to say hi to Bumpa and Babcia.

These are the moments when it is crystal clear that the best investment any parent can make is an investment in our children. It isn’t about how much stuff you give them, or how big or well decorated your house is. It’s about giving them time, energy and love to grow into exactly what was intended from the beginning.

And sometimes, like in the photo at the top, it’s about letting them stay in their pajamas all day, with a silly little hand knit hat for warmth (that just barely fits, but is still loved). Watching the littlest Little push the biggest Middle around the house on the little red flyer scooter. Another Moment.


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