After the frenzy

The Christmas frenzy has pretty much come to an end. The brown paper packages tied up with string (red and white baker’s twine) have all been opened. Most of the new gifts and goodies have found their place among the old. We still have some cleanup and sorting and place finding to do, but we have now entered into the Peace part of the season.


A quiet joy of discovering has entered our home. Drawing, writing, creating, imagining is the theme of the quiet moments of our days.


We still have a couple of unopened gifts tucked away. I had planned on pulling them out during the quiet of Christmas Day, but that never came. I thought about waiting until the 12th day of Christmas, but I don’t know if that’s a tradition of gift giving that I want to begin. So one of them, the ginormous set of gel pens you see in the photo above, made an appearance tonight, accompanied by some very detailed coloring books for those moments when you want to be creative but don’t have the time or energy to create.

My family gave me great photo editing software, and I’d love to be able to show you my amazing photography skills, but I need to develop them first. (Get it… Develop my photography skills? Sorry.) But perhaps at some point all the planets will align and my camera will meet my subjects and will line up with time to edit, upload and blog my pictures. Or maybe little blog elves will come in at night and take care of things for me.

Our little cottage is being tucked in with a blanket of snow. All day today and all night tonight the snow is falling. The quiet from the snow, the warmth from the wood stove, the full bellies from the last of the Christmas feast, the creative and imaginative mood that has fallen on our children. The quiet that comes when all the Littles are tucked into bed. For these things I am thankful.


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