Inspiring people

I love reading about people who make their dreams come true.

Photo from PinkSlipInspirations Etsy Shop

When my daughter was browsing Etsy she stumbled on a shop selling stockings she liked (she was looking for a stocking design for me to make for her). When she saw the number of sales made so far, over 1700 she was pretty impressed. When we looked to see how long the shop had been opened we were pretty shocked, opened for only 4 months. So I did a quick search for her shop and found an article written about her success.

I looked at her page, read the article, looked at her page again, and thought, “I could do that.” And maybe I COULD do that. Maybe I could sew like that. Maybe I could have a successful etsy shop like that. But do you know what the different is between the owner of Pink Slip Inspirations and me (besides my 7 children and homeschooling ways)? It’s the same difference between someone doing something you could do, and you. The difference is that they are DOING it.

Christmas is coming pretty quickly and the wrapped gifts under our tree are growing every day. But there’s one thing that isn’t there. A gift from me, to me. A gift of a dream. Not a pair of sparkly shoes or a new camera. Not a sweater or a cookbook. A dream. All wrapped up, just waiting to be opened. Do you have one? A dream that might still be a little fuzzy, and maybe all you know is the direction you DON’T want to be heading. When you allow yourself to think about your perfect day, what do you see yourself doing?

I think I’m going to write one of my dreams down and wrap it up and tie it with a bow and put it under my tree. My dream. From me, to me. I’d love if you joined me in this. It’s more than a New Year’s resolution. It’s a gift you can give yourself.

What dream will you put under your tree? A gift for you, from you.


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