My older children tease that I am the Queen of Options. We need to make a decision? I’ll usually come up with at least 3 options for us. You have a problem? I can tell you what your options are. You might not like some of them, but they’re still options. Sometimes life or other people’s decisions limits the options we have, but more often than not, we still have more than one.

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about the life we’re living and the life we want to live. We’re pretty close to where we want to be. Yes, we know how blessed we are. But we still have a lot of things we want to change. We want our lives to be much simpler than they currently are.

One of the biggest misconceptions of a simple life though, is that it’s easy. I disagree. I think it’s hard to create simplicity among all the noise and clutter of our society. And sometimes what appears to be a simpler choice results in long term complications. Like eating easy, packaged, processed food for example. It makes preparing a meal easier and simpler today, but it results in poorer health, which complicates things later. We have more options than any generation before us, but what we do with them is what’s important.

We’re spending time clearing out the clutter of our house and our lives so we can choose a better path. Sometimes you need to back away from the trees to see the forest. And sometimes you need to cut a few trees down to find the path. We’re in chainsaw mode. Clearing away as much as we can so our paths can be seen more clearly. Once we can see the paths, we’ll be able to choose the best one for us.

Do you know what path you’re on? Is it where you want to be?


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