We’ve been spending a lot of time working on our little cottage. It’s a slow process but we’re making progress a little at a time.

The girls’ room has a fresh coat of paint on the walls and the wood work. And a fresh new (no longer wall to wall carpet) wood (pine because it’s the most affordable) floor. And the new floor also has a fresh coat of paint. White. Because I love the clean crisp feeling. I still need to get a bed and dresser in there. In addition to the three dressers in the garage waiting for my attention, we bought another one this weekend. Which also needs attention. Do you see the pattern? As far as beds go, our ideas have gone from a full bed for the little girls, to hammocks for four, to bunk beds for four, back to a full bed for the little girls. We haven’t moved any furniture back in yet, but here’s an in progress photo for you.


The basement is still being worked on. In addition to a steel door at the base of the bilco doors, a crack has been patched and the first coat of paint has been painted, but only on a small section of the basement. In order to paint, we need to move things around, but there isn’t anywhere for it to go. So it’s a process of move a little, paint a little, move a little more, paint a little more.

The front door has a fresh coat of paint, which looks so much better! The sidelights by the door are framed in plastic, which over the last 14 years or so have aged to a pretty ugly yellow. I found a spray paint for plastic and used frog tape to tape off the windows and sprayed away. What a difference! Can you see how yellow the sidelight trim is?

20121024-090955.jpg. Not any more!

I think that’s all we’ve done for house projects lately. In addition we’ve dealt with pneumonia, UTI’s and asthma. plus the normal homeschooling, potty training, nursing, errands, life. No, sometimes, things don’t look so “Happily Ever After”, but we’re still writing our story.


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