Of walls, woodwork and doors

I want to apologize for my very long absence. Between the problems I’m having with my laptop, problems with the back up laptop, and posts that were eaten by my iPad, I’m beginning to think we have computer gremlins. I really didn’t want to post without a picture or two, but a photo-less post is better than no post at all.

So, what we’ve been up to. This weekend was project weekend. I stripped wallpaper in the little girls’ room about 10 months ago. Before it was the little girls’ room, actually. But the task of scrubbing wallpaper paste from the walls was daunting, so I kept putting it off. That and the homeschooling, potty training, nursing, cooking, laundering, cleaning, bill paying… Well, let’s just say that scrubbing wallpaper paste from a wall was not exactly a priority. Until this weekend. We’re trying to get the house Winter Ready, and that means for us finishing up some of the half finished projects. Like scrubbing wallpaper paste off the walls. (And can I just say, right here, right now, that I really, really, really dislike wallpaper. Really) once all the glue and gook was gone, the walls were perfect for painting. so paint them I did. But then the woodwork needed to be painted. So by the end of the weekend, the bedroom had a fresh coat of paint on walls and woodwork. I still have some touching up to do, but it looks beautiful! The little girls declared it Very Pretty. Next steps are to add a dresser (I have three of them in the garage waiting for varying amounts of repair work and a fresh coat of paint) and a bed. Hopefully it won’t take me 10 months to get those done.

My husband worked on a project of a much more practical nature. Our basement has bilco doors. Even packed with insulation, in the winter the cold air comes pouring through those doors and makes the basement rather chilly. We’re trying to claim as much living space as we possibly can in our little cottage. Having the basement above 50 degrees would make it a very nice space for the kids to play. So my amazing husband framed out and installed an exterior door at the base of the bilco doors. And the added bonus is that it looks very nice. I had hoped to show you before, during and after photos of his project but a picture of a door is pretty boring. Maybe after we’re all done with the basement work I can share a photo or two.

We’ve been doing so much more than just house projects, but I Think this is enough for one post. 🙂


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