A Breath of Fresh Air

I’m back!!! I’ve missed posting. We’ve had computer issues that kept me away. They aren’t completely resolved, but at least I can get a post up every now and then.

My morning did not start off very well. My littlest Little has been keeping me awake more than he’s letting me sleep, which makes for a very tired Mama! Add that to three little ones who were abnormally demanding of time, attention and discipline redirection, and you don’t have a good morning mix. So, after catching up on folding gargantuan piles of laundry, I poured a cup of coffee and banished the lot of us to the great outdoors.

A breath of fresh air is good for the soul.

We started our journey in the flower beds, then wandered down to the vegetable garden, which led us to a walk in the trees, which led us to a path, which led us to an adventure.

So many butterflies, honey bees, and hummingbirds visit our flower gardens. We don’t spend enough time just watching them.

But when we do, time moves differently.

Sitting in the garden, my breathing changes.

My heart beats slower and more steadily.

My eyes focus differently.

My children breath deeper.

They ask questions about what we see.

They become more creative.

Even garden pests, these tomato hornworms, oh-how-I-loathe-them, give us time to pause and reflect.

Well, time to pause and collect.

They are so very destructive to a tomato plant, but if you stop and listen, you can actually hear them chomping away. Into a jar they go!

We think we collected 50 of them! When the jar was full, the rest were pulled off and promptly destroyed. One was kept to be fed and watched as it changes and grows. The rest – all 50 of them – were disposed of in ways that only 11 and 13 year olds can dream up.

The forest beckoned. And we were happy to oblige.

A walk down a path, and the little girls went on an adventure of their own – wandering around trees, singing songs, but always keeping an eye on me. I suppose they were concerned I might get lost.

The littlest Little demanded to be put Down. As soon as his little body touched the forest floor he went exploring. Sticks, rocks, moss and dirt, all were game for his little hands, and some were considered suitable, by him, for his mouth.

We discovered a tree, covered in moss, with a little doorway at its base. The Middles asked what I thought it was for. Why fairies, of course! Do I believe in them? they asked. Why yes, yes I do.  So Zach built a little overhang for the fairy door. Just to help keep them out of the rain.

And if you look very closely, and stand very quietly, you might see one.

There! Right there! Did you see it? Oh, you must have blinked. Try a little harder next time.

And that was how we turned a Very Bad Morning into a Very Good Day. I hope your day was just as magical. I’d love to hear about it.


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