French as a Second Language Chair

Let me introduce you to my latest makeover.

She didn’t come into my life looking like this. I found her on the side of the road, looking pretty lost and forlorn. This is what she looked like before.

Look at how sad she was, longing to be able to go out and enjoy the world. Oh, she definitely deserved a makeover.

She was missing a lot of buttons, or plugs, covering the screws that hold her together.

So my first step was to fill them with new buttons. (My husband calls them plugs, but I like buttons better.)

Added a bit of wood glue, then tapped them into the hole.

There. Much better.Then she was ready for painting. Old White, of course.

I replaced all the old padding, and my husband cut a new board for the seat base, because the old one was falling-apart-particle board. The new upholstery is sturdy canvas (yes, a drop cloth. Love those drop cloths.) And I added a grain sack inspired image.

I won’t tell you that the first time I upholstered the chair, I had a funny thought just as I was hammering in the last tack. I thought, “Wouldn’t it be funny if I put the upholstery on upside down?” And I flipped the seat over and… it was upside down. But I won’t tell you that. So I un-upholstered and then reupholstered the seat. It was right the second time.

The chair didn’t start out looking very French at all, but she was so excited with her new look that she decided to take a cup of tea and a book into the garden.

It was a little cool outside, so she was grateful for the shawl as she sat and studied her book.

What book is she reading you ask?

Why French Grammar of course! She didn’t start out speaking French, but with a little work, she’s learning it as a second language.

Wouldn’t she look lovely by a writing desk? She’s for sale at the School House Antique Mall.


4 thoughts on “French as a Second Language Chair

  1. Shannon @ Cozy Home Scenes

    You did a great job on your chair makeover. I love the French feel you gave to it. I just saw your garden on another post. Very beautiful. Just stopped by today to let you know your sheet music table was featured on my blog this week!


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