Back around the beginning of the year, a lot of bloggers were selecting a word for the year. I didn’t pick one. The last few years have been a little more packed full than normal.
Whatever normal is.

Based on the last few months, I think that BUSY is a good word for us. Or maybe BLUR. Because everything happens so fast that it all blends together. BLESSED is definitely a good one, because no matter how crazy things get, we are still so abundantly blessed.

Between normal homeschooling, potty training, nursing, diapering, home keeping, staying in touch with my oldest two who are somehow living as far away from me and each other as possible without leaving the country, my husband’s business trips at a time when we’re very grateful for his job, my husband donating a kidney and recovering from that surgery which meant he couldn’t lift the three littlest ones for far too long for his taste, birthdays, holidays, house guests, new businesses, house projects… I’m feeling a little tired. And that was just in four months!

I am very much looking forward to some down time this summer. I have a couple of books picked out for summer reading, some hand sewing I’d like to do, places to see, walks to take, and beaches to take the kids to. We’re almost done with the school year part of our home schooling and we’re looking forward to modified summer mode.


The gardens are in bloom and are beckoning me to leave the inside projects for a while so we can all enjoy the short but oh-so-beautiful Maine summer.

Do you plan on having a quiet summer or do you usually pack it full of things to do?


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