Bringing Home the Music

Last week was spring break for our oldest son. For a brief week our family was nearly all together again, missing only our oldest and her family.

Josh is attending a school that focuses entirely on music and worship. It isn’t a 4 year school, but the education he’s receiving there is intense. When you spend all day every day completely immersed in a subject, you can’t help but grow and learn. And when you spend all day every day immersed in a subject and apply yourself, well, let’s just say that we knew he had a gift before he left, but when he comes home for brief visits and when we get a chance to watch him online, we’re simply amazed at what he’s learned.

When he comes home to visit, he brings home the music and shares it. He treats us to mini performances while he’s home. My heart sings, everyone smiles, and the whole house dances.

The little girls love their biggest big brother.

What makes your home dance?


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