I’m home from church again. My two littles are with me. Between Sophie’s still runny nose (though she is getting better and is fever free. Thank you, Jesus!) and Emma’s German Shepherd barking cough, and my too tight to really breathe well without coughing and coughing even if I try to take little breaths, we decided it was best for the three of us to stay home. I’ll tell you, it has been a Very Long Time since the whole family has been able to worship together. But what a blessing to be home today – the sun is shining beautifully outside (melt that snow!), the little girls are playing nicely together, I’m enjoying another cup of coffee, and I’m spending some much needed time with God. 

I have a confession to make:  I’ve been a grump lately. Not just a little. I’ve turned into the type of person I don’t like to be around. Grumpy, negative, persnickety, crabby, bad-tempered, testy… Well, you get the picture. In short, I’ve been focusing entirely too much on me. But this morning I’ve had a chance to count my blessings.

Yes, it has been a Very Long Winter with A Lot of Sickness. 
BUT, our sickness is temporary. We’ll get over it. It isn’t terminal, so what am I complaining about? 
Yes, I’ve been pretty tired and still nauseous from this pregnancy.
BUT, I’m carrying a treasure. What a gift! And every time I feel this little one move I’m reminded of how blessed I am to be given this gift.
My oldest son will be leaving in a few months to grow his musical gift. We need to come up with money for tuition, housing, food, etc.  I don’t know where the money will come from. 
BUT, my God owns the cattle on a thousand hills. He gave Josh this gift, He will provide. 
My husband has been working A Lot, and told me this week that he has two business trips coming up soon that will take him away for a few nights. 
BUT, my husband has a job, and he gets paid on a regular basis. And he provides very well for us.

My list can go on and on. We have a home. We have food. We have children. We have a sweet granddaughter. We have Jesus. See? I just needed to look beyond me. (And I think the sunshine helped just a little.)

So now that my attitude has been adjusted, please forgive me for my very whiny last post.

And now that I’m feeling much more like myself, I think I’ll go clean something, bake something, organize something and sew something. Oh yes, that’s more like it.


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