From my corner of the world

I’ve lost count. Sophie isn’t feeling well. Again. She has a fever. She’s sneezing. She’s coughing. She’s teething. She’s very snuggly (I like that part).  I’m so glad I didn’t wean her completely in January. She’s so miserable, but nursing seems to help. I am a little tired of sitting so much, but it is for a good reason – I get to snuggle Sophie. Poor baby, even when she’s napping I can’t put her down – she wakes up crying as soon as I do. So yesterday, last night, and today I sat up holding my baby. So she could sleep. Sitting can make a body tired. I don’t know how and I don’t know why, but I know that it does.

And we’ve had a lame goat. One of our girls was limping the other night. She was the same the next morning. Worse the morning after that. We thought maybe it was hoof rot. We checked and it wasn’t. Then we thought maybe she slipped on the ice. Now she seems to be better. She’s walking slowly, but she’s walking. I’m not sure that I like having goats right now. Especially sick goats. Not when I have sick little ones to take care of too.

And I’m going into my 19th week of pregnancy. I’d love to be able to tell you that I’m feeling great, but I’m still nauseous and very tired. Other than that, all is well.

The rest of the family seems to be doing well. Spring still hasn’t quite arrived here yet. We even had more snow today. We had lots of snow/sleet/rain the other day which made driving very slippery, but the next morning was sunny and the trees were coated with ice and sparkled and I took pictures for you but my son stole my camera again so I can’t download them for you to see. But I want you to know I thought about it. And spring is coming. I have it on good authority.


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