To: 3,067,591,189

Our family has squeezers, shakers, peekers, lifters and shufflers. So to try to keep the contents of Christmas gifts a secret until the big reveal, I don’t put who each gift is for on the package. In previous years, I write the name on the bottom of the wrapped gift in small letters. Usually I can see it, but everyone else has trouble finding it. But my children have all caught on and know to look for names or initials and then they proceed to shake, squeeze, lift, shuffle or peek. So I tried something different this year. I used numbers.

As I wrapped gifts in my bedroom, I’d place the just finished wrapped gifts with a gift tag that said something like, “To: 5, From: Papa and Mama”. Then the middles would retrieve the gift and place it under the tree. Except that they had no idea what number they were. It definitely helped build up the anticipation and fun. My children all got me back though. I was given the above gift. 3,067,591,189. That’s me. And they sent me on treasure hunt throughout the house and even outside (in the cold, in my robe!) to find my gift.  They definitely had the last say. But I’ll do it again next year.


One thought on “To: 3,067,591,189

  1. Becky

    I have to come up with a new system every year. I stumped everyone this year. I added their birthday to their birth year to their birth month. My husband finally figured it out on the gifts for the child born in 2000


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