Three Days Off

I love three day weekends. Back when I worked outside my home, they were a time to recharge, to get things done at home that I normally didn’t have time for, and to have some fun.  Now that I’m a full time homemaker, three day weekends are for…. the same thing!

Last year we spent most of our time settling in. We had moved into our home in December of 2008, and in February we found out we were expecting. Between unpacking, morning all day sickness, two months of nonstop rain in the summer, the arrival of Sophie, the arrival of Allie (our grand baby), and Allie’s health problems, well, last year sped by in a bit of a blur.

I’m trying to make up for it this year, well, this last month. After last weekend‘s accomplishments, and the stripping of the upstairs bathroom wallpaper. I painted the bathroom. It used to be a soft, pale, wildflower blue color with an iris print wallpaper border. Not exactly the style for a bathroom used mostly by 3 of our children. Now it is creamsicle, sunset orange. (By the way, I LOVE it. More than I thought I would.)  That project took up most of my week, because I still needed to attend to my children, cooking, cleaning, laundrying….. You know the drill.

This weekend I was able to stain the front porch which REALLY needed it last year, but never got done.  That was done on Saturday. My wonderful hubby attended to the needs of our little ones and the older children spent the day boating and tubing with friends. Sunday was the 4th. After church we had an impromptu picnic at our house with some great friends. Oh, and we met the best veterinarian in the world. But that’s another post topic. And on Monday, the “bonus” day, I stained the back deck, which REALLY needed it even more! Once again, hubby stepped in to watch over the little ones. I can’t tell you how nice it is now to walk out front or out back and not think of work that needs to be done. We can enjoy the space now instead of fretting over when we’d be able to get to protecting the wood.

We have been blessed by this beautiful home and setting, and we’re doing our best to be good stewards. There are a few more projects we need to get to, but we’re on a roll!


One thought on “Three Days Off

  1. Kathy

    The porch and the deck look great. And so does the bathroom! I'm also looking forward to having another cup of coffee with all of you while sitting on your porch.


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