Weekend Warriors

Thank God it’s Monday! No really. I mean it. I needed a down day. We had such a busy weekend! We:

  • fed children
  • fed babies
  • fed baby goats
  • baked 2 coffee cakes
  • washed the laundry
  • changed diapers
  • vacuumed floors
  • hung 2 windows in our shed
  • framed out the 2 new windows
  • cut down trees
  • took hubby to emergency room for using chainsaw on his leg (long story, he’s fine, small cut, one big running stitch)
  • went to a Geoff Moore concert after hubby returned from E.R.
  • built dividers in shed for the goats
  • built a gate for inside the shed for goats
  • built a holder for salt/vitamin/mineral block
  • cleared brush
  • installed 20 T posts for fencing
  • installed 200 feet of fencing

So, it was a great productive weekend. The goats now have semi-permanent housing, and mostly secure fencing. Today was a down day. I stripped wallpaper in the upstairs bathroom. Yep. It’s what I do to relax.


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