Birthday Boy!

I absolutely cannot believe it’s been 11 years. Eleven years ago today, my third child was born.

My little Zach. So much of our lives changed when he was born. Having him was our first step away from the cultural “norm”. We had finally realized that we didn’t want to be past childbearing age and wish we’d had more children. (Thank you Pat Sarver, wherever you are, for teaching me this.) Zach was our first homebirth. (I got into an argument with my obstetrician when I was 32 weeks pregnant and we found a midwife who agreed to attend our birth.) After Zach’s birth I finally left the corporate world behind and became a stay at home mom. We began homeschooling.

And now here we are, 11 years later. The time flew by so swiftly and I know that no matter how hard I try to slow it down, the next 11 years will go even faster. I don’t know exactly when he stopped being a little boy. He still asks me to come tuck him in at night though. I’ll enjoy that for as long as I can.

Happy Birthday Zachy Bear!


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