Adding on

We welcomed two new additions to our home this week. These little beauties are sisters and are a Nubian/Toggenburg mix.  Nubian goats are the ones with the adorable long floppy ears. Toggenburg goats have more erect ears. Since these are a mix, their ears are really long, but they stick almost straight out. Kind of like an airplane’s wings.
They’ll grow into full sized goats, and hopefully next year they’ll give us baby goats and lots of milk. We don’t have names for them yet. For now they’re sleeping in a pen in the garage (for safety), but during the day we let them out into a fenced in area put up just for them. They don’t like to be left outside alone though, so my middles have been spending lots of time out there with them. 

4 thoughts on “Adding on

  1. Kathy

    They are really cute, I can't wait to hear what their names are. Actually I have a few suggestions. Are you ready? Cinnamon, Candy, Angel, Silky, Tootsie, Penny and Ginger, Laurel and Iris, Poppy and Daisy, or Poppy and Holly, Cinnamon and Darcey or Ginger and Darcey.

  2. Melanie

    milk & yogurtdogoba (its my fav chocolate) & hersheyas u get to know them u can go by their personalities or u can just go with…google & yahoo since u will be spending a lot of time at those sites learning about how to care for them.Then there are always biblical names. Are they girls boys or both?

  3. Tanya B

    They're both girls. We did think about Thing 1 and Thing 2. Poppy is one of our current favorites, but we haven't found a great name that we all love to go with it. We don't want to go with any common human names. It's awkward when we have company with the same name as our dog, so I don't want to repeat it with our goats. Google and Yahoo would be great! My husband's favorites so far!


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