Theological Thinking

Yesterday’s discussion at home was interesting. Here’s the question: Can you back up all your decisions with scripture? The topic came up because the author of a blog I read posted the statement that “I think it is wrong for Christians in America to have their children in government controlled schools”. I’ll let you read the most recent post, the original posts, and the comments on your own. There were several things I read that prompted the discussion we had. It was even more interesting because my oldest son told us of a big decision made by someone we know. This person said she “felt called” to do something. So on top of the scripture-backing-up-your-decisions-discussion, we had the you’re-not-supposed-to-make-decisions-based-on-feelings-so-how-can-you-tell-if-you’re-called discussion. Whoa! Deep stuff! Needless to say, it was a very late night. But a good night.

So I’m curious. What do you think? Can you (or should you be able to) back up all your decisions with scripture? How do you know when God has called you to do something?


2 thoughts on “Theological Thinking

  1. mrs.griffin

    I feel slightly humbled to say this, but I don't think I have ever given much thought to your question. Sure, the big decisions that I feel torn about I seek out scripture, but the smaller more frequent ones… I have to say that I don't always. I know there have been times where I have sought out scripture and didn't feel settled as to whether God had revealed something (or rather that I had noticed) but through other's words of confirmation and the Holy Spirit prompting me, I still knew it was His will. I don't know what I think the answer to your question is, but I know God speaks to those that are listening- through scripture, testimony, the Holy Spirit…

  2. Tanya B

    Mrs. Griffin, =), I've done the same thing – prayed about the big decisions, but not the "little" ones. But isn't God a God of details? Doesn't He know the number of hairs on our heads (and even what the real color is)? So why don't we "bother" Him with the little things. I think if we invite God into ALL the little details, maybe the big things will fall right into place. As far as knowing something is His will, how do we know (rhetorical question)? If we can't back up everything we do with scripture, than are we any better than the ungodly? (another rhetorical question) I think that even if the bible doesn't speak specifically on a subject, it still speaks to the principal. I'm going to try much harder to make sure that ALL I do is within His will. What a task that will be!


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