My new favorite thing

Why, oh why did I wait for so long!!?? I finally bought myself a Moby wrap. My midwife told me to, but I didn’t listen to her right away. I have 3 other slings, and I used those. (One of which I used to carry 3 other children. Yes, I’ve had it for a while.) Well, after trying to carry Sophie in one last week, and after my shoulders ached from doing so, I finally broke down and picked one up. I just put it on. Let me just say that this is the most amazingly comfortable baby carrier I’ve ever used. Sophie loves it. I love it. And it’s cute!! I have her in the Hug hold right now. Typing with BOTH hands because I don’t need to support her with one even though she’s in the carrier. I’ll try one of the other positions later and see how she and I like it. I might even try it with Emma. Oh yes, this will definitely be the one I recommend to EVERYONE.

Sorry, no pictures. My camera has decided to completely quit working. Good thing I have a birthday coming up. =)


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