He said what?

I know my husband. One of the things I know about him is that he doesn’t say much. I’ll ramble on about almost anything, talk thoughts out as they pop into my head, express my oh-so-many opinions at any time. Not my husband. He talks, but he’s more careful about what he says. So I know when he says something that seems to be “out of the blue”, it isn’t just a thought that just popped into his head. He’s been thinking about it. So the other day when he said something, I knew I needed to pay attention. What did he say? He said, “Maybe we should look for land closer to town.” He said it two days in a row. I guess that means he’s really thinking about it.

Just for kicks and giggles, I thought I’d figure out how much it would cost or save us in gas – closer to work and church, but farther from where Josh goes to school. Enter google maps. Guess what! It is the exact same distance to school as it is from here (think of a triangle). But it’s a LOT closer to work and church. Just in gas alone we’d be saving about $300 a month. And that doesn’t include oil changes, tires, and other wear and tear on the cars. Of course, property taxes are much higher in that part of our state than in this part of our state, so our savings will probably go to a higher tax bill. But my husband would get about an hour a day back.

We don’t feel like God is calling us to move right now. Which is good, because I LOVE our land and our home. But we do think that God is telling us to get things in order, because you never know. So I have some unfinished projects to take care of around here. Just in case I didn’t hear God correctly, I looked online at the current listings. There really isn’t anything for us right now. And we’re not putting our house on the market. We’re just exploring options.

You know, it’s almost funny. Every time I’ve felt settled and content, God gives us big changes. Maybe I should try to feel discontented for a while. Then we can stay put. Maybe?


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