My Schedule Sets Me Free

I fought against having a schedule for years. I’m too spontaneous. I don’t want to be tied down. I want freedom. Well, not having a schedule really didn’t work very well. I always felt like I was behind. I had to get everything done today. Right now. All of it. So this year, I made schedules for us. A schoolwork schedule, a chores for the kids schedule, an errands schedule (this one really isn’t working), and a housework schedule. You know what I’ve found? More things are getting done, my house is getting cleaned on a regular basis, life is flowing more smoothly. And the unexpected find? I’m free! Once we finish what’s on the schedule, we’re done for the day! We can play without guilt. I have renewed focus because I know what has to be done today, and what can wait until tomorrow. I’m free to change the schedule or ignore the schedule if I really want to, but it works pretty well, so I try to stick to it. I need to adjust the schoolwork schedule a bit more, but even that helps. When we are interrupted we can pretty easily get back to where we left off. I’ve found new spontaneity in my discipline. Who would’ve thought?

Do you use a schedule or are you still trying to convince yourself that you’re a free spirit and shouldn’t be tied down?


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