There’s a New Man in My Life

There’s a new man in my life. (No, we didn’t get another dog.) He’s pretty interesting. He has gorgeous blue eyes. A smile that lights up his face. He loves my children. And my dog. (OK, maybe that’s pushing it a little.) And my chickens. (OK, that’s pushing it a lot.) He works full time, but he loves to build things. He’s a pretty talented woodworker. Sound a lot like my husband? That’s because it is! My husband, the Builder, is taking a class in blacksmithing. So maybe he isn’t a “new” man. But he’s a different man. He has something new to talk to me about. A new interest to research, learn and share. So in that way, he’s different.

I think any time we find ourselves stuck in a rut, whether it’s a job-rut, marriage-rut (don’t worry, our marriage is just fine), a financial-rut, or any kind of stuck-in-the-same-place-and-don’t-know-how-to-change-it rut, we need to shake things up a bit. Take a new class. Shop at a different store, drive to work/school/church on a different road. SOMETHING. My husband is taking a class. He needs it. Now instead of beating his head against the wall in frustration, he’s “beating the snot out of metal”. His words. He’s happier. So am I.


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