One Decision

Its amazing how many changes one decision can bring. One simple choice, and a domino effect begins. Even when you know its a good choice, and the right choice, some of the changes are a little hard to handle.

My oldest son will be attending the same school my oldest daughter attended for a few years. As with her, we knew that homeschooling was, by far, the best educational choice. But, as with her, there are other circumstances that sometimes make private schooling a good option as well. So after a whirlwind of talking, meeting with the school administrator, and a LOT of prayer, it looks like Josh will be heading to classes on Tuesday. It will be nice to just be Mom again – not Mom, teacher, principal, disciplinarian, nagger of the eternal, “did you finish your school work” question. He’s been home with me since first grade, except for one semester in 6th grade when he gave school a shot – he was bored.

The changes?

  • How about 3 hours a day in the car driving him back and forth? In addition to the other errands we run. Yep, that’ll be fun. Anyone want to donate to our books on CD fund?
  • Sticking to someone else’s schedule. I love being able to come and go as we please. Its a nice day? Lets take the day off and go play. Now we have to abide by a school calendar, no matter the weather, or the energy level.
  • Waking everyone up and getting them dressed, fed and out the door by 7:00. That should be a breeze – I’m a morning person. Except Josh, Zach, Maddie and Emma all sleep till at least 7:00, sometimes 8:00. Emma can’t dress or feed herself, and we’re adding a newborn in a couple of weeks. How early do I need to wake up to nurse a newborn, and a 16 month old, and make breakfast, and shower, and actually put on clothes?
  • Josh – my Fetcher of Firewood, Snowplower of Driveway, and Mover of All Things Too Heavy to Lift By Myself, will not be home for most of the day. Somehow I need to make sure the wood is ready for the day, the snow doesn’t come before he needs to be picked up or before the Builder (my hubby) gets home, and I’ll need to either wait for weekends to rearrange furniture or start going to the gym.
  • Three nights a week, we need to leave our house by 5:00, and one night by 4:00, to get to church so he can practice with the Worship Team. We try to have dinner before we leave, although we often end up eating in the car. Now we still need to leave the house early, but by the time we get home from picking Josh up from school it will be 3:30-ish. Crockpot cooking will definitely be my lifesaver! I’ll just need to start supper by 5:00 am to fit it into the new schedule. =)

I’m sure there are other things we haven’t even thought about – like school events on weekends and evenings, projects that require library time – usually assigned during weeks we absolutely cannot get to the library for some reason, packing nutritional lunches that don’t need refrigeration or reheating (a lesson in creativity for everyone who needs to do this).

Looks like it’ll be an interesting year!


2 thoughts on “One Decision

  1. Jessy

    hey, i just thought i'd let you know that I read you! I'm one of Katy's friends from bible college. I live in England/Spain/Switzerland, but at the moment I'm travelling around America, so if you see that some random country has been on, that's probably me!Congrats on the 6th!!!

  2. Tanya

    That makes me feel a little better. There are a few other random places that show up, so I'm glad I changed things. My kids are too cute to have strangers know exactly who we are and where we live! =) We're eagerly waiting for the baby to be born to see what it is – not much longer now!


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