Making It Home

I’ve spent the better part of the last week painting our home. Zach and Maddie helped me remove the wallpaper and border that was hung below the chair rail in the kitchen and dining area, then I got to work painting. The kitchen and dining area was finished first, and even my husband was shocked at how much better it looked. I believe his exact words were, “Those are the perfect colors.” He’s never said that before. Not even close. And I paint. A lot! These colors are warm and inviting – Sherwin Williams Flower Pot below the chair rail (in case you’re interested), and Laura Ashley Deep Cowslip 3 above it. This is in the kitchen and attached dining area. Then I moved into the living room and painted everything Laura Ashley Deep Cowslip 2 (a shade lighter than the kitchen). Keeping in mind that two of the walls I was covering were painted a very deep purple, and all the rest of the walls were a purplish-gray, I knew a pale, creamy, yellow would be an improvement, but I didn’t realize how much! The rooms in our little house feel so much larger and brighter than before. I still need to finish a bit in the living room as two of the walls reach up to the second floor. I’ve asked both my husband and oldest son to bring me the extension ladder so I can finish, but they’ve both declined. The said something about not allowing an 8 month pregnant woman on a high ladder. I hope they’re planning on doing it for me, because it will drive me NUTS to see it unfinished!

Its been a lot of work, but now the only rooms remaining to be repainted are the kids’ bedrooms and the bathrooms. I love how updating the paint colors to reflect OUR taste has made this even more our Home. Makes me want to keep working on it. Next step – paperwork!


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