The week in review

Last Sunday we had a church picnic. The weather didn’t cooperate very well, but the majority of the rain held off until close to the end. After our picnic many of us headed to the waterfront for a baptism. Well, 4 baptisms. Josh and Zach were baptized. In God’s pond. Pretty amazing.Can you say BRRR!?

Maddie planned on it, but after arriving at the water’s edge and seeing how cold and rainy it was, she decided to wait for a nicer day. I really can’t blame her. I thought it was pretty chilly myself, and I didn’t go in the water.

Josh got his separators in for his braces on Tuesday. He definitely wasn’t expecting his mouth to be sore, but it was. I got to go thrift shopping and made a couple of fun purchases.

Thursday was “a very bad day”. You know, those days when nothing really goes right? We had one of those. Josh had to get the upper wires on his braces, plus have the upper and lower expanders put in. My poor husband used our personal bank account to pay for a very expensive work project by mistake, resulting in a rush trip to the bank to deposit funds from another account, phone calls for him to correct the mistake, and an overall not fun experience. It was also a day that things got dropped, broken and messed up every time we tried to do something. So I think it qualifies for a bad day label.

Friday was nice. Even got to go on a surprise date with my hubby. Ok, not really a date, but it was pretty close. Josh was at youth group, Zach and Maddie were at a friend’s house, and we found ourselves with a couple of hours and only one child – not counting the one that I carry with me always. So we drove home to drop off his car, drove back into town, had a very nice dinner, went to pick up all the kids, and spent about 2 hours just hanging out with friends.


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