Yes, They Did.

I really don’t want my blog to become something that is all about our Government, but right now there is way too much happening to NOT comment on it.

1) Obama’s inaugural address. It sounded like he quoted the Declaration of Independence. Sounded really good. Unless of course, you are familiar with the Declaration and saw what he said by not saying it. There’s a good article that explains it pretty well here.
2) Obama signed an executive order re-establishing the use of federal funds (that would be taxpayer money) for organizations that provide or support abortions. So what does a Pro-life taxpayer do? Knowing that our tax dollars are being used to murder children creates a bit of a dilemma. We are bound by law to pay taxes, and bound by the Bible to obey the law, but the law is being used for something that is WRONG! Read more here.
3) Here’s a video about the economic stimulus plans and who should receive any jobs created by the package and who should receive money. It pretty much speaks for itself. View it here.


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