A Walk to Remember

Today, I got to spend time alone (yes, ALONE) with my husband!! Emma was freshly fed and changed, and my hubby invited me to go for a walk. With him. Alone. Josh, Zach and Maddie stayed home, Kate was out running some errands. So Tom and I suited up (yes, getting ready for an hour or more outside when its about 20 degrees and slightly breezy requires the donning of much apparel that is oddly similar to a knight suiting up for battle), and walked out of the house. Alone. Did I mention that we were alone? We started out just walking to the field hidden behind our home. Then we walked to the far corner of it, following a TON of deer trails, and looking at the fruit trees, and just dreaming about the possibilities. Our quick walk turned into a little bit of an extended walk – all the way around our land. I’ll say it again for good measure – Our Land. A lifelong dream, finally came true. We have woods, we have streams, we have fruit trees, we have a field tucked away behind our home, hidden from the view of any passersby. We have perennial gardens, blueberries and raspberries. This is a little slice of long awaited paradise. I can only imagine, after dreaming of this for SO long, and enjoying it SO much, what it will be like when we finally, after dreaming of it for so long, arrive in Paradise. Oh, the anticipation!

So today, my husband and I walked around Our Land for the first time. Alone. Truly a Walk to Remember.


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