New Surroundings

I had all sorts of amazing blog posts planned. Photos of our old view vs. our new view. Blogging from the road on our journey to our new home. Photos of the moving truck delivering our “household goods” (mover term for “stuff”). Photos of our new home. Yep, lots of things planned, but not much actually happened.

For the record:

We left Texas on Friday, Dec. 5. Drove for three long days and arrived up north on Sunday, Dec. 7 at 9:00 pm.

We woke Monday morning to a balmy 7 degrees, drove to our bank an hour away to get the cashiers check for closing, but we still didn’t know the amount we needed to bring. Sat in the parking lot for a bit while we tried to get the right number, and then we guesstimated it because we were running out of time. Drove 45 minutes to our new home for our final walk through – a little difficult because the people we bought the house from were still moving out. Not their fault – their movers showed up late. Drove back to our temporary living space to pick up Kate and Josh, and then dropped them off with Zach and Maddie for lunch while Tom, Emma and I went to go sign lots of papers. Well, Tom and I signed them, Emma tried to eat them.

The movers came at 8:15 Tuesday morning, Dec. 9 and delivered stuff “household goods” all day, finishing the delivery on Wednesday by noon-ish.

By Thursday night we had most of the beds assembled, the living room was pretty much together, and pictures were hanging. Since then, we hung Christmas lights, picked up our tree and decorated it and finished some Christmas shopping. Whew! It’s only been two weeks since we bought our house!

The dog has rediscovered the joys of a woodstove, the kids have all discovered the joy of sledding down our hill on broken down moving boxes, I’ve discovered the LL Bean Outlet store (great for boots, gloves, etc.). I have a new appreciation for a dryer since our electric one won’t work and the gas one we ordered won’t be in for another week or so.

Winter greeted us yesterday and all night last night with a wonderful Nor’easter. Our unofficial snowfall total in our backyard is 17 1/4 inches. Zach and Maddie are having a BLAST! Good thing Tom picked up a snowblower yesterday on the way home from church!


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