The World is a Poorer Place

On June 18, an amazing and talented woman, Tasha Tudor, passed away.

I found Tasha several years ago and fell in love with the way she lived her life. Her favorite era was the 1830s and she lived her life as if she were in that time – from the home her son built her by hand, to the growing of flax to weave into fabric that would become clothing, to the hand dipped candles she made and used. Her artwork was similar in style to Beatrix Potter, another of my favorites – simple and enchanting, often with beautiful flower borders around the edges of the paintings. I always wanted to have a Tasha Tudor original painting or first edition book, but I would imagine that the prices now will be even higher than before, so I doubt I’ll ever have one. But, you know, that’s ok. Because what I have instead is the knowledge that if you dream it, you can do it. The life she lived was on purpose. She didn’t do things because life happened to her, she purposefully chose her surroundings and activities. She didn’t go along with what everyone else was doing. She did things her way, in her time. She will be missed by many.


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