We actually got snow! In Texas! And not just a little! There’s about 6 inches on the van. I’m not sure what the official reports are, but I’d say 6 inches here.

Kate and Josh went outside about 9:30 last night to play with one of Josh’s friends.

Guess what they made? A Snowman, of course. But not just any normal looking snowman. See, if our kids are involved, they need to take it to a different level. So would you like to see what they built?

Look closely. The snowman on the left is bowling. What’s he using? The head of the snowman on the right! See the little bowling pins? See the snowman’s head rolling toward them?

Here’s a picture of the scene this morning. You can see the headless snowman searching for his head.

What happened to this guy?

Look closely. See the pole going through him? He was impaled by the stop sign.

I love my kids!!!


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