Found this great article on parenting.

What they say makes sense. Note that the article was written back in 1996. How much better are we 11 years later? I’d say, not much. Seems like Americans in general are getting worse. Maybe we’re more sensitive to it now, but hubby and I have noticed a huge increase in commercials, print ads, and just general statements about “getting away from the kids” and “spending time alone”. Whatever happened to the idea that children are a blessing? We get more joy from time spent with our children as a family than we do from any other activity. Granted, there needs to be a balance. Children need time to be children just like adults need time to be adults. But something needs to change in our society. We’re raising a bunch of grown up children. You know who they are. Think about it. In our society, debt is increasing, divorce is increasing, job changes are increasing, bankruptcy is increasing, people buy new cars every 2 years. So Americans have successfully raised another generation that views responsibility as what we owe ourselves. Hard work has become an old-fashioned notion. Delayed gratification? No way! So how do we fix it? By being the best example we can be to our children. Will it solve the problem tomorrow? Nope. Will it change the world? Yep. One day at a time.


One thought on “Parenting

  1. Kimberly

    An excellent post! We’ve become so mixed up on how we view children at all stages in this country, haven’t we? I do enjoy time alone with my Sweetheart, but we both love spending as much time as possible with the boys. We both wish my husband could work from home so that he can be even more a part of our boys lives.Thank you for the sewing advice. I will try your suggestions!


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