Music, health and an ultrasound

For your listening pleasure:

I love Christmas songs!

On another note – Maddie is feeling much better, a few sniffles and sneezes and that’s all. I came down with a cold yesterday morning. Made it to church, but shortly after we came home I felt like my head was going to implode. I’m a little better today, still very stuffy and sneezy (stuffy, is that the name of a dwarf? it should be). Josh is starting to feel like he’s catching something. We’re downing vitamin C like crazy!

Went to our ultrasound this morning. The baby looks great! Heart beating, brain growing, all systems go, kicking, punching, wiggling little baby! We were able to count 5 fingers on each hand, and 5 toes on one foot, we couldn’t see the other one clearly. The technicians said they could tell whether its a boy or girl, but we couldn’t. They zoomed over THAT area pretty quickly because we said we didn’t want to know, but now Tom’s going nuts. He had me call to see if they’d tell us what it is, but I got voicemail and haven’t heard back yet. Oh well. Well find out for certain when its born!

One more note – when we were looking at the ultrasound, the technicians explained to Zach and Maddie that the black area was the fluid or water that the baby is floating in. Zach looked at the screen for a minute and asked, “Does the baby have goggles to see in all the water?” Too cute.


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