My Morning

School has officially started for Josh. Zach and Maddie are impatiently waiting for Friday – they get to take classes at our homeschool co-op. Katie starts on Monday.

So, this morning I was up at 4:00 am. Zach wasn’t feeling well and he crawled into bed with us. Out of bed at 7:00, shower, etc. Take Kate to work at 7:30, run into Target to pick up some last minute school supplies for Josh, drive home, get little kids dressed, fed, ready for the day, sew Josh’s jeans that he wanted to wear today and were ripped along a seam (he told me last night at about 9:30), make up his daily schedule draft to take to chemistry class as proof that he has time in his schedule to do the work he’s going to need to do, drive back into town for dr. appointment (the fun annual physical, blood work, etc. woohoo), hit Big Lots for a magnifying glass set that Josh needs for today that no one else in Texas seems to carry, drive home, call Josh on the way and tell him to be ready to go because there’s lots of construction, come home, inhale a rice cake with peanut butter, make one for Josh because he “forgot” to get lunch, get everyone into the van, drive back into town taking the long way because construction is really slowing everyone down, get to enrichment 2 minutes late, but still early (class starts at 12:00, everyone must arrive at the building by 11:50 so as to still have time to get to class), turn around, drive home, get lunch for the littler kids, find the daily schedule draft that I wrote for Josh on the counter because he didn’t put it into his bag when I told him to, do the dishes from breakfast and lunch, check email and that brings me to now. Just a typical day in our home.

I must say, there is an odd sense of beauty in the busyness of daily life. At least I know I accomplished something today.


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