What the World Eats

Here’s a link to a great photo article. What a big difference between industrialized countries and non-industrialized.
What the World Eats

Here’s what this tells me. We American’s are fat and spoiled. We eat a ton of processed and prepared foods. We eat lots of white flour products, lots of sugar, and very little fruits and vegetables, then we complain that we’re overweight and have no energy. I don’t know much about most of the countries listed, but you can really tell which ones are prospering and which aren’t. We also spend a HUGE amount of money on food. I personally don’t really know how to spend less than I currently do and still eat relatively healthy. I can spend less and eat lots of carbs, but fruit and vegies seem to be our personal budget killers, and meat is even more expensive! I think I’m going to start looking for cookbooks published in the 30’s and 40’s. The people who lived during the depression knew how to stretch their food dollar.


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