Supreme Court Recognizes Homeschooling

“For the first time, homeschooling has been recognized as a viable educational alternative,” writes J. Michael Smith.

A case which recently went to the U.S. Supreme Court, Morse v. Frederick, involved whether or not a public school can limit freedom of speech. The case was decided 5-4, saying that the school principal did not violate the rights of a student when she removed a banner of his that advocated illegal drug use.

In his opinion of the case, Justice Clarence Thomas stated, “If parents do not like the rules imposed by those schools, they can seek redress in school boards or legislatures; they can send their children to private schools or home school them; or they can simply move.”

So, the good news, is that homeschooling is finally recognized by the Supreme Court. The bad news is that public schools have ultimate authority over our children if they attend the school.

Read the Washington Times article here.


One thought on “Supreme Court Recognizes Homeschooling

  1. Kathy

    All I can say is that it’s about time! Years ago I watched my grandchildren as they were shuttled off to school and daycares because mom and dad had to work. As time went by I saw the stress of these daily activities not only appear on the faces of my daughter and son-in-law, but on the beautiful faces of my grandchildren as well. At the time that home schooling was mentioned, I didn’t know a whole lot about it, other than when my children were young and in school it was illegal. And because I was a single mom, I had to work too, so home schooling was not an option, even though I really did think about it…a lot. Anyway, to get back to the point of this whole comment. I thank God that my daughter had the courage and the stamina to quit her job, of course with her husband’s blessings, and begin to home school. I have been blessed to witness the removal of the stress on the children’s faces and have watched them grow into the most wonderful, talented, independent thinking, loving, well-rounded, sociable, respectful young adults. And I attribute a lot of that to home schooling as well as good parenting. I have also come to realize (only too recently) that the job of being a home school teacher, mother, wife, ambulance driver, taxi driver, coach, chef, housekeeper, gardner, seamstress, daugher and so many other career hats can take their toll when performed by one individual (even when they are supported by a very wonderful, understanding, loving and giving spouse). My point? Only one. I can not apologize for the lack of recognition by the Supreme Court, but I can give well-deserved recognition to home school parents. I also need to apologize for not saying earlier and often enough how much I think of you as a person and to thank you Tanya for giving so much of yourself to your family and children. You are truly a remarkable individual. You are what I consider to be a “good and faithful servant”. And I’m extremly proud to be able to say that you are my daughter AND my grandchildren are home schooled. THANK YOU! I Love you, Mom


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